on the calderas


 Ifestio villas is located in the heart of Oia – Santorini.


and the view

It lies right under the central square of panagia Platsani. Our church named Platsani, from the very old icon of Madonna that was found ( making plats-plats) in Ia’s water!

Our neighbourhood in watercolor from my friend artist Ann. K. Linsay, NY. She did drawing while in the terrace of villa Hercules.

Is called “Chelidonia”, and belongs to the “Lauda” area of Oia. This is the place where swallows (chelidonia) rest for a short spell, after their long trip from warm countries. Our white houses become… black and we wake up early in the morning from their chirraps, It feels like a hug!

During the sunset all houses have a very nice sweet pink-red flush…. In the far distance we see the port of Athinios. The boat’s passage keeps caldera alive !! On our right we see the very nice houses on the rock called “aspaki”.

At the further end of caldera we see Akrotiri, the other end of the island, with its traditional lighthouse that winks every night.. Our place is the only one in caldera with so much green plants on the anhydrous “aspa”. And, in the middle of caldera, the volcano!

Nomikou street, the main street of Ia, called “Ta marmara” (the marbles).

Many years ago, an agreement failed, and the whole ship load of a cargo ship (marbles) of the ship owner Nomicos -born in Oia- was donated to his native land to lay on the street. He predicted that millions the steps would be on it!

To explore it….

To the left of Ambrosia restaurant the stairs to our place start. In order to live the myth of caldera you have to walk down!

To follow its stonebuilt stair-like paths, to fly away from the noise of the crowd, to lay on the reflections of its silence.. To let your eyes capture rare and unique frames, to discover what most people disregard… Caldera invites you to ”walk it”…

After walking down those beautiful stairs, (from Ambrosia restaurant),

and passing the little door, on your right you will see Ifestio Villas

with the characteristic big terrace full of flowers…

All the magic is to reach the hanging houses, and feel like flying over the vast blue.. There, you find yourself in your own heaven… Nobody minds climbing the stairs of Oia up and down! These are its streets, the graphical and multicaptured calderimia (small stones) with their unique charm…

Besides, as the ancient Greeks claimed: ”A mind is only healthy in a healthy body”

One of the biggest terraces in caldera with BBQ!! At the end, this amazing view totally rewards you !


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