Dear friends

I guess you keep dreaming of your vacation in the Aegean Sea and the ifestio villas !!

We would like to inform you that due to covid-19 we have taken ALL the necessary measures to ensure a comfortable and above all safe stay.

Initially, we have certified disinfection in all indoor and outdoor areas, but also detailed disinfection in every inch of the individual interior spaces.

Disinfection is also done before each arrival, for this reason the check-in time was set at 15.00 while the check-out time at 11.00 to give time to the personal cleaner, in addition to meticulous cleanliness, to disinfect ALL surfaces with you will get in touch.

Our staff has received special training so that everything works according to the official health protocols.

You already know the advantage that with us you have absolute privacy, you do not come into contact with strangers, so you do not need to keep your distance.

But what is needed is:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly when entering the accommodation, or use the special disinfectant that you will find inside immediately.

2. The porter will carry your suitcases after first using disinfectant hand gel in front of you.

3. For a greater sense of security in the bathroom you will find a disinfectant spray to disinfect what you think.



In addition to the disinfectant hand gel, in a drawer you will find masks, disinfectant wipes, as well as a thermometer to measure your temperature during your stay in the accommodation if needed.



All remote controls, mobile phones, etc. are covered with plastic and disinfected.

It is recommended that you keep the windows open so that fresh air can circulate inside the house.

The small pool will be cleaned daily early in the morning, the chlorination will be checked (we use better material, the Bromine, which does not smell and is not harmful) as well as the PH. Take care of the fearless, and safely.

All the stuff  you will use for your breakfast will be packaged and all the packaging will be sterilized.

It is also advisable to dispose of whatever you bring from outside.

Do not remove your mask until you enter the accommodation, so you should immediately dispose of it in the trash.

According to the protocols, the use of magazines, menus or brochures and books provided by the accommodation is prohibited. I will inform you about everything either by mail or tablet.

?There is also a mobile phone for communication between us if you need anything to ask.

In case you need medical help, you will be able to contact a medical partner through the web and ask anything. He will always be at your disposal to help you.

We point out that Santorini has a large, modern, and fully equipped hospital.

All bedding / towels are washed in our own washing machines at temperatures of 60 degrees and above.

Finally, because we need to keep a Customer File, for reasons of public health protection, please send us electronic copies of your passport page with your photo and name, or photo.

We will also need your full home address and phone number.

You can realize that all these measures concern your own safety, so that you can really enjoy your vacation on this dream island!

We will ALWAYS be at your disposal in whatever you need.

Thank you very much

Stay safe



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